Illudium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator


I was born in Detroit, and raised by my Mom the matriarch, my Aunt the artist, and my Grammy the greatest person the world has ever seen. My Mom taught me caution, the importance of education, and quiet strength. My Grammy taught me to pay myself first, encouraged my love of creating, and introduced me to the wonderful world of 5lb bags of gummi bears. My Aunt taught me a different type of strength; An artist's strength, an appreciation for craft, ink on paper, and focusing on the process rather than the end result.  

I started taking pictures in college. 

I moved to new york, lower case on purpose, in 2008 and started making pictures instead of taking them. It changed my life and other than my friendships, is the only thing I always find comfort in. I like people's faces, I enjoy the people you meet as you make pictures and the stories that become part of the pictures, I like the excitement of looking at exposed rolls of film and wondering, and I enjoy being good at something.  

When I'm not making pictures, I'm a part time astronaut, a full time stunt man, and speech writer for super villains. I also glow like Bruce Leroy when I feel like it. 


PS - My great uncle was in the Dillinger gang.